It is not clear when the first Windsor Chairs were made. There is speculation that the chair derives its name from the town of Windsor, which became the centre for the trade between the producers and the London dealers. English settlers introduced the Windsor chair to America, with the earliest known chairs being imported by Patrick Gordon who became lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania in 1726. There is speculation that the first American Windsor chair, based on the traditional British design, was made in Philadelphia in 1730.

The seat of a Windsor chair is an essential part since it provides the stability to both the upper and lower portions. The thickness of the seat allows the legs to be anchored securely into their respective tapered sockets, providing the undercarriage with strength and stability.

Except traditional steel Windsor chair, we also innovate boldly to produce aluminum Winsor chair which is very light and weatherproof. So our aluminum cross chair easy move and can be put outdoor all year around.

Moreover, except solid color, we are specialized in vintage, antique and wood grain finish. Tuwell are the first pioneers to do vintage finish in China. our workers have rich experience on the vintage production and rich international trade experience. Tuwell Consummate craft provide you the best vintage effect.
The legs are splayed at angles fore-and-aft (rake) as well as side-to-side (splay) to provide actual and visual support of the person sitting. A common misconception about this assembly is that the stretchers hold the legs together in order to keep them from pulling apart. The stretcher system actually pushes the legs apart to retain the necessary tension which reduces slack. This chair is a very good choice for your bistro, cafe, restaurant, hotel or home patio space.

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