Tuwell innovate boldly to produce aluminum in china, which is very light and weatherproof. So our aluminum chair easy move and can be put outdoor all year around. our workers have rich experience on the aluminum welding,anodizing, powder coating and surface finish.

Moreover, except solid color, we are specialized in vintage, antique and wood grain finish.Tuwell are the first pioneers to do vintage, antique and wood grain finish in China.our workers have rich experience on the vintage antique and wood grain finish production . We beliver Tuwell Consummate craft provide you the best vintage effect.

Our aluminum chair have many different design. They are beautiful shapes, materials environmentally friendly and affordable. What are you waiting for? Hurry to buy it. Whether you are looking to create an intimate outdoor area for small family dinners or a true outdoor entertainment venue, you will find exactly what you are looking for from our selection of aluminum chair. No matter what your personal style or budget is, tuwell furniture also can customer make for you.
Tuwell furniture offer high quality aluminum furniture for customer with competitive price, can help you to choose the right restaurant table base for your home.  TUWELL welcome all the ODE and OEM orders!

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